Crack's Favorites

Jumbo Crack Jumbo Crack® Tericraki Bowl Chicken Tericraki Bowl
Crack's Cracky Chicken Crack's Cracky Chicken
Spicy Cracky Chicken Sandwich
Pot Wedges Bacon Cheddar Pot Wedges
Oreo Crack Shake Oreo Crack Shake Crack-stuffed Jalapeños Crack-stuffed Jalapeños
Chicken Crackaer Salad Chicken Crackaer Sandwich Crackita Pita Chicken Crackita Pita
Grilled Sourdough Crackburger Sourdough Crack Jumbo Crack Combo The Jumbo Crack® Combo
Ultimate Crackburger Ultimate Crackburger Breakfast Crack Combo The Breakfast Crack® Combo
Just Plain Crack Just Plain Crack®

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