This site is in no way sanctioned by Jack In The Box. Many elements of this site, including some layout style and most graphics, were directly downloaded from a previous version of their site. Most that were downloaded were altered, although a few minor graphics remain unchanged. All animations are original works, but use images which belong to Jack In The Box. All graphics from the Jack In The Box Web-Site are trademarked and/or copyrighted by Jack In The Box. I receive no income from this site in any way, as I refuse to allow any sort of advertising. Portions of this site contain educational facts about drugs and drug use. This site is a parody site and makes no claims about Jack In The Box, the corporation or the restaurant. It is not meant to insinuate that Jack In The Box condones drug use in any way. This site is for entertainment and educational purposes only.
And now I'd like to say something. This site has returned after a long time. I have looked into copyright laws, I have consulted with lawyers. This is a plea. A plea to Foodmaker/Jack In The Box.
Please. Please, please. Please don't ask me take this site down. It has made thousands of people happy. (Mostly bored college students, admittedly, but happiness is still a good thing.) Many people have sent me e-mails asking me to put it back up and so I have. Some told me that it was the best anti-drug tool they had ever seen. It is not serious. It is not for profit. It is educational. It's just a fun parody. Which to me, by fair-use laws, means it's legal.
And anyway. I like you guys. The food's the best out there, the ad campaign is good. And Jack's...Jack's...Jack's just cool. What surprises me is that such a seemingly fun company, a seemingly light-hearted company, would have a problem with my site. You know how often I eat at your places? I'm putting all your kids through college, for Chrissakes! Gimmie a break! It's not like I'm trying to shut you all down or something. This site doesn't even really make fun of you in particular. It just so happens that Jack rhymes with Crack.
Besides, it'll make you look good if you let this stay up. Unlike companies like Fruit of the Loom, who tried to shut down the Meat of the Loom page at Prehensile.com, or Microsoft which forced one parody page to change their address from http://www.micros0ft.com, you'll seem intelligent, happy go-lucky -- the greatest. And honestly, what harm do you really think this page can do to you? I don't think it will hurt your business or your image any. People know it's a joke. Help make hundreds happy. Keep the site up. I'm willing to work with you, if you'd like. Please support this page. Thank you. And that's the news at ten.

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